The NODEshare support team is awesome and super helpful. We will get your node online but you have to do your end of the work as well. If there are problems communication is key and we appreciate full sentences and screenshots to visualise the issue.

Our support team works 9 to 5 weekdays.

LOL, ok not really. Support usually works 8h within a 24h time frame. We are probably not in your time zone, please be considerate.

New orders will get automated answers confirming the order and the payment. This initialises the set up process on our end.

Depending on your choice of coin a real person will get in contact with you within 24h of your order (to give you your IP address for the masternode set up on your end) or within 24h of the transmission of your mastenode's address or other details.

Once your node is online support will be available within 48h hours of the transmission of the email.

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