Using coin control

After enabling coin control in your wallet (see our article) you are able to select specific coins to use for a withdrawal.

This comes in handy when you want to transfer coins without breaking your masternode collateral.

In the example below, we are showing how to keep the initial collateral untouched, while withdrawing dividends. This will look slightly different from wallet to wallet but the general concept remains the same.

On your "Send" screen you will find a button "Inputs". This opens a window and you need to tick the individual outputs you want to transfer.

Make sure you do not tick you masternode's collateral amount. The collateral amount is what you transferred initially and if you move that your masternode will break. 

Tick all the dividends you may have received and any other amount that is in change addresses and close the "Inputs" window.

You are then able to right-click on the "After Fee" amount and copy the amount available to transfer. In the example below we paste it into the amount field.

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