I think my node is not connected

If you think your node is not working:


1. completely sync your wallet and check on your latest reward

2. check the coin's block explorer and search for your node's address (place the address into the address search field) this is the best way to check on your rewards, if you have wallet problems.

3. check your masternode with  masternodes.online -  if it says it's online then your node is online, your wallet's status might be wrong, this includes 'watchdog expired' if you don't have a XMCC

- monitor your node for 24h and if you haven't staked get in contact with us.

4. write an email to  [email protected] when your node's status in MN.O says offline or inactive

5. only re-start your node when we advise you to do so


1. quickly start your node

- Every time you click on 'start' in your wallet your node will be placed at the end of the line to receive a reward. This happens every time you press 'start all', 'start alias' or if you re-start you node through the debug console, so don't!

- It can also ban your node from the network, so don't!

2. write an email to NODEshare without doing all the DO's first

We will get your node online!

Happy staking!

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