Terms and Conditions

  1. NODEshare provides masternode hosting subscriptions to its customers.
  2. NODEshare will never hold customer's masternode coins and is not responsible for lost or missing coins in the customer's wallets.
  3. NODEshare does not guarantee masternode dividends or any financial benefits as part of this service.
  4. While all care is taken to ensure masternode connectivity to the masternode coin's network, NODEshare is unable to guarantee uptime.
  5. NODEshare's infrastructure service providers do perform scheduled and unscheduled maintenance on the servers. NODEshare will notify its customers when a service provider service maintenance results in required customer action.
  6. NODEshare does not provide monitoring of the hosted masternodes. It is the customer's responsibility to check for regular payouts in their wallet or using a monitoring service like https://masternodes.online and to notify NODEshare of downtime

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