Wallet updates

We will host your node for the amount of time you have paid including all updates.

We will upgrade all coins to the latest version prior to any deadlines communicated by the Dev teams.

If a coin hardforks without an announcement we will upgrade as soon as we are able to ensure that the masternode will continue to run

We reserve the right to drop coins.
This means if a coin becomes hard to support due to network or wallet issues we will not continue offering it for new orders. We will still try to keep all the running masternodes up and running but renewals won't be possible.

If a coin becomes unsupportable or an update is not manageable we reserve the right to stop supporting this coin altogether. Then we will offer you to swap your hosting to another coin for no additional costs, like installation fees. This is a rare case and we haven't dropped any coins' masternodes cold blood since our existence. We are offering free swaps for 1 of our coins. All other coins, even if you can't order new ones anymore are fully supported still.

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