How do I restart the node Chiquita ?

1. open your wallet

2. unlock your wallet: go to > Settings > unlock/ decrypt wallet (you will have to type in your password)

3. check if your collateral (the masternode coins) is locked: go to > 'Send' > 'Inputs...'  > scroll down until you find the label of your Masternode 

> if there is a little lock icon in front of the collateral amount

> click on it and click on 'unlock' and then close the window by clicking ok

> if not. close it by clicking 'ok'

4. start your masternode: go to > 'my masternodes' > click on your masternode you would like to start > click on > start alias

5. check the feedback: a pop-up window appears stating if you have successfully started your masternode, read it carefully

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